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Aiki Jujitsu - 3 Video tapes with Illustrated Manuals.
Defenses against gun, knife, stick, kicks, punches, chokes, football tackles, hair pulls, grabs (full nelson and bear hug) and ground attacks, etc. Also contained are new concepts to assist your own techniques (Arc Step, Unbendable Arm, etc,).
Each Video with manual (over 27 defenses) - $39.95 + $4.95 postage
All three videos with manuals - 37, 43, & 38 minutes $100.00 + $7.95 postage.

Deadly Attacks - 30 attacks which consist of 18 various knifes attacks (knife protected by the attacker's other hand, a person running at you with a knife, slicing attack...), 4 gun attacks (including terrorist holds), 5 chokes, a stick swing , and being picked from the rear and slammed to the ground.
(50 minutes) $45 (with above $40)

Deadly Attacks - part II - 30 attacks which consist of 9 various knife attacks (front and rear knife across neck, back hand stabs and rear knife hold on another person), 5 gun attacks (including gun to neck and side of head, overhead position), 4 chokes (rear lifting, side and running) and 5 sticks (jabs, rear stick kill to chest and neck), dangerous locks (rear choke with hammer lock, head lock, and full nelson) and running punches.
(50 minutes) $45 (with above $40)

Devastating Throws and Other Deadly Attacks - Thirty (30) techniques which consist of 21 advanced combat throws, 7 knife attacks (ground and standing), 1 stick, and rear shotgun attack.
(51 minutes) $45

Deadly Attacks videos are on the black belt level.

Evaluation of a Self Defense Technique
1. What are the risk factors?
2. Can the smaller individual do the technique on a larger attacker?
3. Kiss theory - Keep it Simple Student

Photographic Memory (your mind is a sponge, pour water on it and only a small amount will be absorbed).
Personal experience has led me to the conclusion that a student retains only a minimal amount of information by solely viewing videos.
Included are Illustrated Manuals (no extra charge) that will let you retain and teach all of the techniques.



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